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We'll allow you to go back to what matters...running your business!

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Carrie Rouse, University of Washington

"I really appreciate the timeliness with which he found a solution. Overall, my experience with Mr. Angelone was very positive."

AJ Vaynerchuk, Vaynermedia

"Frank has proven to me that he has the ability to take a client project, understand what is required and produce professional and customized videos."

Roberto Hoyos, Throwboy

"You did a great job presenting the topic in a fun and concise way."

Update WordPress Templates

Do you have a WordPress site with an outdated design? This site is an example where we took a WordPress site and customized it to the point where it will capture leads by encouraging newsletter sign ups upon visiting the site.

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Customized Web Apps

Whether you're looking for a web application
created using PHP or JSP, we can do that for you.
This web app we created allows users are to gain
acces to files from their shared drive that they previously
lost access to. However, knowing the name of the file
as well as the security code is required to gain access.

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Professionally Edited Videos

Here's an example of a video we not only edited, but also created for a company called Throwboy, which makes geeky tech pillows. We used our video skills to help establish brand awareness and showcase the service and quality of the company's products.

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Who's Frank Angelone By The Way?

If the video didn't help demonstrate why I love what I do, hopefully this brief bio will. My whole goal with STZ Productions is to provide a service that helps you and your business by accessing my skillset. I first started making websites when I was in 10th grade and I've always been fascinated by the field. I have both a Bachelor's and Masters degree and feel my knowledge will help you and relieve the stresses you have with maintaing your website or videos.

I've seen to many web design companies out there that create what they want rather than what the client wants and I'm here to fix that. Any client who works with me receives a Photoshop wireframe of a potential design or video outline. This way you can sign off on what you want before any work is done. This way, nobody is wasting anyone's time and everyone's happy. Check our my resume below and you'll see my experiences and qualifications!

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